Wool Carpeting

The basic character of wool, admired for centuries, has not changed. Synthetic, or "plastic" carpets such as olefin, nylon, polyester, etc. need frequent cleaning. It's a fact that soil from industrial emissions and petroleum sources, particularly those in the air, are attracted to the petrochemical based synthetic fiber carpets. This can cause "graying" or dullness in traffic areas requiring frequent cleaning. The synthetic carpets that require stain "protectors" seem the most vulnerable to this rapid soiling. Stain resistant finishes are not recommended on wool carpet. The appearance retention qualities of wool have long been known to makers of fine oriental rugs.


Pure wool fibers made of 100% wool with no mothproofing or stain protection or fire retardants. Wool fiber is naturally fire resistant so no flame retardant chemicals need be used. The wool is naturally the color of sheep so there are no harsh dyes or pigments added. Wool rugs are backed with natural jute fiber backing and the carpet is made using only hemp, cotton, and natural rubber . All natural rubber gripper pads for use beneath these area rugs are also available. The pads provide extra comfort and help keep your rug in place. These beautiful rugs and pads do not release harmful gases into your home and will actually absorb odors from your home and improve your indoor air quality. Wool lasts longer than chemical, recycled or other synthetic fibers.

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