Amtico Flooring Specified for
George Bush Aircraft Carrier

Coventry, England, December 9, 2005

Flooring firm Amtico International is enjoying such world-wide success that American president George Bush has jumped on board, according to the Coventry Evening Telegraph.

The business, which has two plants and offices in Kingfield Road, Foleshill, Coventry, has designed and made flooring products since it was established in 1964. Jonathan Duck, head of the company, modestly describes his firm as "a bit of a success story". But now the firm is enjoying unparalleled growth and has just accepted a contract for an aircraft carrier bearing the American president's name.

Amtico's products are used in floors from Coventry to California and from Tamworth to Toyko, its sales are 30 per cent above expectations. Amtico was set up in the city by Courtaulds and Biltrite, and invented a technique of creating replicas of natural products like wood and marble - ideal for the kitchen, hall and bathroom. Mr Duck, chief executive officer, said: "Amtico is a bit of a manufacturing success story. We have to be keen because we are a multi-national company and are competing on the world stage, which means we are having to compete with China. "How we face up to that will ultimately decide whether or not we achieve our aim - which is to be the most exciting flooring company in the world."

The company employs 278 in Coventry - it has taken on 30 in the last eight weeks - and can produce up to 21,000 sq yds of laminated flooring per day. Globally the firm employs 680 people, and has a factory in Atlanta, America. Mr Duck said: "For much of Amtico's history we made a high-quality product which we sold without much competition. But now the Chinese are able to make something similar, so we have had to reassess what we do." As well as the public, major commercial clients include Top Shop, Top Man, Bhs and Debenhams - and the US Navy. Mr Duck said: "Submarines need low maintenance flooring that can last and, after we won US Navy contracts for its submarines, we were approached to do the flooring for the George Bush aircraft carrier."

Amtico is considering setting up production in China so it can also make cheaper products, but Simon Mills, marketing and design director, stressed that Coventry was key to the company's future. He said: "Every month the Coventry plants are manufacturing record levels of flooring, the product is internationally renowned and we aim to get even bigger."

On Saturday January 10, 2009 the George H. W. Bush Aircraft Carrier was commissioned.

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