Amtico Luxury Abstract Vinyl Tiles

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Amtico Abstract Luxury Tile Flooring

Amtico’s unique range of abstract options are a designer’s delight. Adding a bold twist to traditional and boring floors, this range lets you unleash your imagination like no other flooring before it. With bright colors in shades of pink, green and yellow, and unconventional textures and patterns, this flooring range lets you use the floor as your canvas. Designers find the texure of Linear Olive a great combination with Linear Vanilla.

Amtico Abstract vinyl tile flooring collection is world renowned for its stylish series of exciting tones and patterns that allow hundreds of unique design possibilities.

Amtico simulates highly unconventional flooring materials like water, woven, metals, linear patterns, fibers and stardust and bring them to life. Push the limits by mixing and matching these flooring patterns to make your rooms the talk of the town.

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